Monday, March 30, 2009

Lack of blogging

I didn't blog at all last week, not even to record what we'd been doing in our homeschool, which was the purpose of this blog to begin with! The thing is I only have so much online time and facebook is far more interesting to me because I get to interact with others, as opposed to talking to myself in this empty room of a blog!

Last week felt hard. I wasn't feeling well most of the week due to headaches and rainy weather. Also, discipline issues seemed to rear their ugly heads and I didn't feel up to coping with them and instead just got grumpy and feeling sorry for myself. Some stuff that happened:

  • I became obssessed with the movie Gosford Park which I watched 5 times! (No I wasn't hiding from the world or anything!).
  • I had lots of reading to do in My Antonia, Merchant of Venice (which I can't seem to finish either because I keep mislaying my copy or falling asleep over it) and Jesus of Nazareth.
  • I went to the library and got out The Modern Scholar lecture cds entitled Hebrews, Greeks and Romans, the foundations of Western Civilization (something like that) which was very interesting to listen to. I also started watching The Teaching co. lectures on the Iliad; also really interesting.
  • Watched half of the movie Monsieur Vincent. I want to get the kids together to watch that one with me.
  • I actually walked twice last week. I need to get exercising big time! And occasionally it stops raining and is warm enough to actually go for a walk!

Okay, so that's the learning I did last week. What about the kids????? I don't remember! Random selection:

  • Josh had to write a letter to Father Pat asking to be confirmed. He finished reading Fabre's Book of Insects, he did some Algebra and some Latin, he spent the night at his friend's house. He played lots of videogames and watched lots of youtube clips about playing videogames, he read a joke book over and over again until he had memorized most of the jokes! He attended his running class twice last week.
  • Sean played lots of piano, made lots of Pivot III animations, is back to doing gymnastics with Becky, read lots of cartoons and the same joke book Josh is reading. He did a little Latin and a little copy work. He also went to the running class. On Sat he ate so much Turkish Delight he threw up, so we started calling Edmund but Rick said no Sean was only gluttonous while Edmund was treacherous. Big difference!
  • Becky played all the time. She played with her dolls, Tillie the puppy, she built various things out of cardboard and pillows such as playhouses, a dressing room, dog houses, puppet theaters. The house was wreck because of all this playing and I spent Friday and Saturday a.m. cleaning it.
  • Hannah worked many hours, much more than usual. We butted heads almost whenever we met because I wanted her to do school work and she wanted to socialize with friends.
  • Will played lots and lots of music, studied for the SAT and learned geometry, studied Latin, read My Antonia, walked into Vienna a couple of times to get exercise and hang out with friends.


I have to be fair to Hannah because she did something Friday afternoon that made up for everything! She cleaned our laundry room which was a putrid mess. She did tons of laundry, wiped everything down, organized all the shoes, boots, gloves, hats, snow pants, coats, etc. She washed the floor!!!!! She emptied the trash. It is now a real joy to walk into my laundry room. So this softened my heart and I realize that she is just an 18 yo girl, in love and bored to death with school. And I really shouldn't take it so personally!


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Butted heads? Over socializing v. schoolwork? Gee, I can't even imagine...

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