Sunday, April 5, 2009

Holy Week Begins

This week we are going to mostly focus on religious things and all the details they involve. Going to church, reading about Passover and Christ's Passion and Resurrection. Probably watching suitable movies in line with such themes. Planning meals and keeping the house clean. Enjoying spring, if the weather stays nice. Buying spring clothes, too. I just realized Becky has no Easter dress. Monday we have a fieldtrip to Great Falls and all our regular classes, like math, Latin and piano are off because of spring break. So I'm looking forward to this week as we wind down Lent and begin Easter.

I think after Easter we'll be going into high tide for formal learning. It is time to do the test prep portion of our schooling. I also want to do other things like get back into more of a weight watchers mode in eating. I don't know if I'll go into hard core dieting but maybe I"ll record what I"m eating and try to both eat better and eat less. Also I want try to exercise a bit more. I've started walking a little more and I'd like to continue that and become more regular with it. I also want to get Rick and/or Hannah to walk/exercise with me. They could really use it too.

Anyway, I won't be blogging in the next week but I'll come back after Easter. Not that I've been blogging much anyway, but in my head this is an official break from this blog.

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