Friday, April 17, 2009

Journal 4/17

  • Got a late start this a.m. but Sean did a little math test and did all his spelling
  • B did a little math but I could tell her heart and mind were not on it. The only thing goading me on to do this math every morning is that darn CAT
  • We did do a little bit of spelling. B liked the alphabetizing activity and she loves the proofreading exercise.
  • W slept in and took a shower
  • J finished up the Merchant of Venice test except for the essay question. This essay question is the equivelent of something you'd get in college. I decided that Kolbe might think your average 8th grader is brilliant at literary analysis but mine isn't so he doesn't have to go there yet!
  • Beautiful weather today. We had our first tennis lessons. It was lovely sitting and talking to other moms for two hours while the kids played tennis!
  • Everyone was hungry afterwards so we wound up going to a sub shop and eating a very early dinner (none of us had really eaten lunch)
  • Came home and everyone is just lounging around. B is watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Johnny Depp is creepy, there is just no getting around it!
  • I keep lazily trying to tidy up.
  • S is playing over at his friend's house
  • I want to go to the library so I can get copies of The Great Gatsby but I want to go by myself, sans, children.
  • R called from TX. He's enjoying his visit to UD. He sat in on three classes: philosophy which was reading something by St. Thomas Aquinas - R had no clue what it was about; economics - R thought both the text and the teacher were great; Understanding the Bible - R thought it was really interesting. H apparently couldn't sleep all night because of R's snoring, so she sat in on a math lab and fell asleep! I'm sure that made a good impression! Geesh! R talked to the scholarship people and they said they hadn't finished evaluating H's file BUT the guy thought that they'd offer a very, very, very nice scholarship which made R very happy. He told H that if they offer that she can definitely go to UD. He thinks all colleges should be priced like FUS!
  • Sean wound up spending the night at his friend's house.
  • Stayed up very late (why do I always do that when R is away????) watching a very stupid Bruce Willis movie (Die Hard?) which had an obscenity every other word, though the Willis character is supposed to be a hardbitten NYC cop plus he was fighting desperately very evil villians (oh my gosh, Alan Rickman is so perfect!) so I guess it wasn't too out of place. Anyway, it was actually a very sappy movie underneath and in the end he got back together with his wife. True love and heroism won in the end.
  • Started reading The Great Gatsby. Why I have never read this book before? It promises to be fantastic!

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