Monday, April 13, 2009

Journal 4/13

Happy birthday to me! We celebrated yesterday, Easter Sunday. I got a panini maker! And a coffee mug signed by all the kids. And a very yummy cheesecake, the leftovers of which I ate for breakfast! Rick and I sipped wine and watched installment 3 of Little Dorrit, yesterday evening. It was a really nice Easter/birthday celebration.


  • Read Bible History and Devotional stories over breakfast

  • Did math lessons and spelling lessons from workbooks in prep for CAT with S &B

  • S read more in The Mysterious Benedict Society

  • Will has a cold and was out of it for a good bit this a.m. He's spent most of the day read My Antonia and practicing guitar

  • Josh is reading Walk Two Moons

  • Hannah did laundry, read through the handbook for UD, cleaned her room and went to work

  • Josh did some of his Latin homework, some math homework and is right now working on his Merchant of Venice open book test. Boy is that test a killer. He actually enjoyed reading the darn play but the test has stripped any pleasure from it.

  • S played outside for a bit

  • W and I went grocery shopping

  • B and S are watching Popeye cartoons

  • I did some of the Latin homework for tomorrow

  • S practiced some piano but not much

  • S has his piano lesson at 6 and then he and W have music theory at 7:30 so we are going to eat out over near the music school for dinner tonight

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Willa said...

Happy birthday, Faith!