Thursday, April 16, 2009

Journal 4/16

  • Got through Math and Spelling with both S and B

  • J didn't do a lick of his own work but he was wonderful helping B with her work while I worked with S. I wanted to get through the workbook stuff so I could plan for the teens class

  • Rick gave the teens a test on the constitution. H and D did well but W has to retake it.

  • Talked about My Antonia and did a work sheet from Teaching the Classics on the elements of a story

  • Watched two lectures: Andrew Carnegie and Buffalo Bill

  • Talked about the papers the kids have to start writing. They need to give me an outline next week. I signed H up with writeguide to have someone objective grade her paper.

  • Talked about The Great Gatsby which is the next book we're reading.

  • H and Rick left for UD I guess they are in the air as I type this

  • Went to Blue Knights/Little Flowers. The boys painted little wooden kits of planes/helicopters. They happily painted and assembled and chatted the whole time. Nice group of boys.

  • B's group were doing needlepoint which I thought she would love but she got frustrated because it was different from the way she did it with her kit and bagged out. Colored instead.

  • Weather was beautiful so kids played outside for a while

  • W went to guitar lessons and then over to VT to do his homework with the therapist.

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