Monday, April 20, 2009

Journal 4/20

  • had most awful night - migraine all night. didn't get over it until about 11 a.m. Feel exhausted. Miserable rainy weather outside.
  • came out of bedroom at 7 a.m. to find Josh asleep on the hall floor with his alarm clock next to him. Apparently he was feeling so ill (he'd been sick all weekend) and tired, he'd gotten up out of bed but laid down in the hallway and went back to sleep! Poor guy!
  • in spite of not even getting everybody out of bed until 10:30 a.m. B and S got their math and spelling done. S worked very happily in both books and got his assignments done quickly.
  • B was cooperative too. I think they felt sorry for how badly I was feeling. I know I looked like death warmed over.
  • J read some Faith and Life and read the first day's assignment for his poetry study. I don't know what else he's been doing all day.
  • W has been reading The Great Gatsby and playing guitar all day
  • S picked out the tune to Jeopardy and was making me ask him questions, then he'd play the tune and then answer. "Ask me history questions Mom! They always ask history questions!"
  • B got out all her math manipulatives and played with them for a while.
  • Took S to piano lessons. He picked out his pieces to play at his jury which is 5/11. Must write that down on the calendar!
  • Talked to H on the phone. She's coming home tonight, very late, 1 or 2 ish. She's been having a great time at UD and she's been reading The Great Gatsby as well. Had a good talk with her. I finished the book over the weekend. I loved it!
  • Now it is time to do Latin homework with J and W. First I must make myself my upteenth cup of tea!
  • Sean spent a lot of time writing a new animated cartoon on pivot. His longest one yet!
  • Hurrah! Music Theory is cancelled for tonight! Don't have to go out in the rain feeling so tired and out of it.
  • B is making an 'elevator' out of rope, an old cardboard box and packing tape. She's lifting books, etc up the stairwell and is now trying to fortify it so it will carry her. I think we have an accident waiting to happen!
  • Read more Strawberry Girl to B, gosh I love that book!
  • Made smoked turkey drumsticks for dinner (too salty! but the kids liked them), leftover potato cheese soup, rolls and baby carrots and fruit
  • I drilled S on his Latin declensions at dinner and he knew them! Hurrah! I think finally they have gotten into his long term memory!
  • After dinner, Will, Sean, Becky and I watched the first installment of Robert Greenberg's Understanding Music lectures. Greenberg is a hoot! We learned a lot though I think much of it was over S and B' head.
  • H called very sad because she had to part from Phil and isn't going to see him, if at all, until Christmas. That's a long time when you are 18. Heck its a long time when you are any age!
  • Self-ed: listened to more of Prof. Shutt's lectures on Ancient Civ. Talking about Socrates and Plato. I didn't get much of it.
  • Watched an episode of The Office. I no longer enjoy that show much; too many people constantly humilating themselves. I don't find humilation all that entertaining!
  • Read The Horse and His Boy.
  • 11:21 last night everybody was still awake (except H who slept on the plane!). Rick went to check in on B and she was listening to a story cd. She had to listen, she said, because it was the only way she could get to sleep before midnight!

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Karen E. said...

Sorry to hear about the migraine!

Happy to hear about Gatsby. :)