Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Journal 4/22

Today was my parent's wedding anniversary. They would have been married 64 years if they were still around. Four years ago on this day, we had my dad's funeral.

Anyway, what'd we do today:

  • remembered to say decade of rosary and read Intro to Devout Life. St. Francis de Sales rocks!

  • Found S's missing math workbook; he did math and spelling

  • S read aloud to me from the 3rd grade McGuffey reader

  • S has been doing lots of creating on pivot

  • S played outside a good bit

  • B slept in late but got her math and spelling done

  • I read next chapter of Strawberry Girl to B

  • B took a a long overdue bath and I worked out the rat's nests in her hair. That girl has such an aversion to hairbrushes!

  • Read next chapter of Strawberry Girl to B

  • Let B watch cartoons, Jetsons and Pink Panther while I took W and S to VT

  • J and W did work with math tutor this am. J is still a little sick

  • W got a harmonica and has been teaching himself to play

  • W retook his government test

  • S practiced pieces for piano jury

  • H slept in got up and showered then took her laptop to panera to work. She e-mailed me her ideas for her paper

  • W and S went to VT

  • S wrote out his adj declension in his Lfc workbook

  • I found a possible AP Music Theory course W could take next year on line!

  • Got Learn to Write the Novel Way for J for next year. Looks terrific!

  • Listened to Prof. Shutt on Plato and Aristotle. I think he might be a great history professor but I find him hard to understand when it comes to philosophy

  • Read more of The Horse and His Boy
  • Read Bible History (story of Joseph) and Adventures on the Waterways (about Mike Fink the Keelboatman) to B and S
  • H went to work
  • W went to band practice then
  • J and W went to CLC

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