Thursday, April 23, 2009

Journal 4/23

  • woke with another headache. What's up with that? But it went away after a couple hours.

  • sat in with Rick when he taught political philosophy in Gov't class today

  • S did math. He sighed and said, I'm never going to be promoted to 5th grade. This shocked me. When have I ever talked about grades like that???? He wasn't paying attention to the math stuff but still....I think he was repeating something he'd read in a book or something

  • B did math too, but no spelling

  • S did his spelling

  • watched two American Identity lectures on Black Elk and Charles Wesley Powell

  • Discussed The Great Gatsby a bit

  • Talked about A Raisin in the Sun and did a little intro on Lorraine Hansberry

  • made the kids work a bit on their papers

  • W is still trying to teach himself harmonica. Working on Oh Susannah

  • B drew a great picture of the puppet lambchop!

  • Made everyone go outside for a while. it's beautiful but chilly but everyone is feeling sluggish for some reason

  • Now B is handwashing the linen matzah cover for Passover. She loves handwashing things.

  • J read Faith and Life and his poetry assignment and that's all he's done today except play on the computer

  • Decluttered the kitchen a bit

  • trying to conquer mountain of laundry

  • read Devotional Stories, Bible History and a few pages out of the a beka Health, Safety and Manners book over dinner of leftovers.

  • Read two chapters of Strawberry Girl to B

  • R read more of The Time Cat for S and B - now they're visiting Leonardi da Vinci
  • Watch next lecture in Understanding Music

1 comment:

Karen E. said...

Isn't it funny how they pick up on the grade stuff even if WE don't really follow it much?

And, totally off-topic, but how do you do those little flowers?? :)