Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Resolutions

Like Jen over at Et Tu, I am making resolutions for the Easter season.

1. Since I've really been having trouble getting the rosary said every morning, I've decided to shake things up to maybe put some oomph back in my prayer life. Lately, I've been feeling drawn to St. Francis de Sales, soooo I've decided to just say a decade of the rosary and then read from Introduction to the Devout Life.

2. I am going to try to cultivate that calm that St. Francis talks about. I think if I put my efforts into that, I'll feel a lot less burned out. And I think when I am calm other things seem to fall into place much easier, I don't beat myself up as much and get overwhelmed but can proceed peacefully or at least with most of my wits about me to the next thing that needs my attention. I am more collected.

3. I am going to focus on Becky more. Her temper is terrible and a real peace breaker in this house. I think some of it stems from me being distracted (often by the computer!) so again, if I try to be calm, I can make better decisions about dealing with her temper issues.

4. I want to focus on our daily rhythm which has been topsy-turvy of late. Everyone needs to get up at a reasonable time (and I, the mother, get to say what's reasonable!) and go to bed at a reasonable time. Everyone needs to spend less time in idleness in front of a screen (be it computer, video or TV) and more time outside. Everyone needs to eat simple, healthy meals. I need to cut down on caffeine because it does make me irritable and sleep poorly. Boy, that last thing was hard to admit. Instead I need to exercise more and drink more water. The kids have been helping out a lot more around the house, which is wonderful! I like that I am keeping up on the laundry and keeping the house a bit tidier. I just have to remember to focus on housekeeping chores a little at a time.

5. We are moving into high tide with school because of test prep for the CAT, so I want to cultivate an sense of orderliness in that regard.

Happy Easter! The day looks like it will be a beautiful one, perhaps a bit on the chilly side. Things we'll do today: hunt for Easter eggs, eat breakfast, go to noon Mass where Hannah and Will are in the Youth Choir, come home and maybe take a walk, play games, watch the rest of Ben-Hur (which we started yesterday), grill some steaks for dinner, read aloud, pray.


Karen E. said...

Happy Easter, Faith!

Great resolutions.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Didn't you love Marcellus (or whatever his name was)? So evil!

And CAT tests! I forgot!