Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Journal 4/21

What happened today? I forgot to journal as the day went on. . . .

  • Hannah got home at about 1 in the a.m. Tired and sad. R and I were glad to have her home.

  • The lights went out for a couple of hours this morning. I think a branch fell on some wires and cut off electricity to the whole development. So much rain lately!

  • W and I went to Latin class. Pop quiz! I think I did okay though. Josh still a bit sick so I didn't make him go to class. In fact he was just waking up when we left and he doesn't usually sleep in late.

  • H was tired and didn't teach B and S during the morning. Instead they played and B was having some kind of fantastic game in the living involving many tissues and washclothes and about 20 stuffed animals plus taking cushions off the sofas and rearranging furniture!

  • After lunch I did spelling and math with B and spelling with S but his math workbook mysteriously had gone missing.

  • S practiced piano a bit

  • S and B watched Latin dvd and S did a short vocab translation exercise

  • S and B played outside a lot. Rainy in morning and in evening but beautiful in the afternoon.

  • J read his Faith and Life and the next day's assignment in poetry

  • H took W to his voice lesson, before that she went to Starbucks to pick up her tips.

  • I think H has been reading the Great Gatsby

  • Got carry out for dinner. Forgot to get chicken out to defrost and R ate a big lunch at 4:30 and wasn't going to want dinner anyway.

  • Read Devotional stories and began Adventures on the Waterways with S and B.

  • Gave J a quick run down in the 3rd declension lesson we had at Latin

  • W worked on math homework and also SAT vocab. book

  • J also liked the SAT vocab book and also worked on math homework.

  • Read more Strawberry Girl to B.

  • Rick read The Time Cat to S and B
  • Will, Rick and I watched next lecture in Understanding music

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