Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Journal 4/15

  • Josh and Will got up to work on their math homework some more. Goodness, how slug-like they are being!

  • Did math and spelling work with Becky and Sean

  • Sean read more of The Mysterious Benedict Society

  • Becky only acted up once!

  • Josh and Will both worked with math tutor

  • Math tutor brought a book on vocabulary building for the SAT which Will read for a while

  • Read Bible and Devotional story to B and S

  • Finally finished reading book on Lewis and Clark to S and B

  • Josh finished reading Midsummer's Night's Dream and is now reading Much Ado About Nothing. I think he's just reading the modern translation in the No Fear Shakespeare books but still the fact that he is reading these on his own is pretty great.

  • Reviewed Chapter 11 vocab and declensions in LfC with Sean

  • VT at 2:30 for W and S

  • Josh worked on Merchant of Venice test

  • B has been making barbie doll clothes out of old socks. Very clever!
  • W worked on his government homework at VT
  • B watched Inspector Gadget
  • S played computer games and drew cartoons on sketchstar
  • H went to the library and read for Lit and Government
  • H went to work
  • Read several picture books to B. One was a collection of scary stories which inspired her to have a scary picture drawing contest. I won with my interpretation of Munch's The Scream. B drew the scariest though, I thought, a girl who had fallen from a chandelier and lay in bloody parts on the floor. Ick, it was gruesome. Who knows what goes through this child's mind!
  • Took W to band practice
  • Dinner: grilled ham (on panini grill!), rice and raw veggies
  • After dinner took J and W to CLC
  • B and S watched Wordgirl
  • R is reading American Girl Kirsten series to B which she is loving.
  • R is reading The Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander to B and S. I'm not sure of the story except some cat time travels back to Egypt?????

I've decided to get more methodical about read alouds. I'm going to read Bible History and Devotional Stories for Little Folks Too every breakfast. We are almost done with the Devotional Stories so I think I'll switch to saints stories after we are done. Then as a morning break or over lunch or even dinner, depending on how the day is going I'll read:

Monday: American history read aloud. I want to read Adventure on the Waterways first and then Hitty Her first Hundred Years next.

Tuesday: Faith and Life and Baltimore Catechism

Wednesday: A Beka Heath, Safety and Manners 3 per Becky's request.

Thursday: Fairy Tales and Tall Tales. I think I'll start with The Wonder Child and Other Jewish Fairy Tales

Friday: Poetry

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SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Get the Isaac Bashevis Singer stories for children (can't remember title and heaven forbid I could find my own copy).