Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Daily journal 3/4

  • Said Rosary with H, W, S and B
  • Josh was finishing up math homework
  • Have started reading Shuster's Bible History to B and S over breakfast
  • W and J did math homework
  • B and S did copy work - B more of her poem Who Has Seen the Wind? And S copied over 1st and 2nd declension paradigm
  • B and I played Blokus
  • S wandered around lonely looking for his lost DS
  • S played piano
  • Sent S some e-mails. He watched a youtube clip of theory of relativity which he has been asking about yesterday
  • B made white pizzas using tortillas and provolone cheese.
  • S started playing with the geo-board
  • Becky is make a sign out of cardboard from a box and stencils she found. It says Becky's Restaurant. She's planning on opening one in our tree fort when summer comes!
  • S has been so gloomy searching and searching for his missing DS. Now's he's planning to use his allowance/Christmas/Birthday/Hannukah money to buy a new one but he's a bit short.
  • H and W are finally taking the take home (!!!!) economics final.
  • Josh finished up a long session with the math tutor.
  • B and I played a game of Chinese checkers
  • B and S are watching old Bugs Bunny cartoons. I love the one with Wagner's Ring Cycle in it!
  • Finally called and asked about accomodations for Will. He wants to take the May SAT.
  • Started filling out Berklee Guitar Sessions application
  • Took W and S to Vision Therapy. W stayed so he could walk to his band practice.
  • S talked about destiny vs. free will. He was asking some hard questions. He decided that he no longer wants to be a philosopher when he grows up but a psychologist who studies human emotions.
  • Came home and B was doing yoga with her kids yoga dvds. Said she was on her second dvd.
  • J and now S are watching youtube videos about Sega and just recounted to me the whole history of their game systems and all kind of myriad details about costs, advertising, etc.
  • H is working on her history timeline
  • B, S and J took Tillie for a walk
  • I'm making vegetable soup.
  • Read from St. Katherine Drexel book
  • Read from Abraham Lincoln book
  • Josh went with Will to CLC, Hannah picked him up Will up from band pratice and took them there for me. She also ran to the grocery store to pick up bread and oj, two items a household can never be without!
  • Rick read more from the Castle of Llyr to S and B.
  • S is into reading Dilbert right now
  • W has been rereading The Princess Bride
  • H got W to update his facebook page. She said that he's got to get used to it so they can keep in touch once she's away at school.
  • H and R stayed up late watching Lost

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