Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daily Journal 3/5

  • Didn't get rosary said, boo hoo!
  • Rick taught Government to H, W and D
  • Read about creation of Man from Bible History to J, S and B
  • J read more of Fabre's Insects
  • S studied his declension paradigms and recited them for me
  • B copied over some more of her poem and wanted me to grade what she'd done so far like a 'real teacher'
  • J got on the computer
  • S and especially B played some with the geoboard
  • B and S are playing on the Wii, first Wiiplay and then Warioland
  • J, W and H watched another episode of The Civil War
  • Talked about papers, timelines and Jack London
  • S and I went to Blue Knights and practiced St. Patrick's skit
  • B went to Little Flowers - made little baskets and learned about St. Zita
  • J played with friend
  • W practiced guitar
  • H went to work (until closing)
  • Took W to guitar lessons
  • Took J and S to their running class (along with S's friend too. And B had to come along because there was no one at home to watch her)
  • Ate at the Blimpies at the health club
  • Was supposed to go to unschooling meeting but it was cancelled
  • Picked Will up from Starbucks. He was supposed to go to the VT's to work on his eye exercises but was having too much fun hanging out and lost track of the time. Grrrrr.
  • J, S and B watched the Kit movie again, set during the Depression.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Run that by me again...the Blimpie's at the health club? How sick is that?

Faith said...

I know! The kids were saying that to the running coach but the coach argued that it depended on what you ordered. If you got a greasy steak and cheese it was bad, but if you got a turkey and cheese with lettuce and tomato on whole wheat, that's a pretty good meal.

I had tuna on whole wheat with L,T, and mayo.

Karen E. said...

"The Blimpie's at the health club" just sounds so deliciously ironic. :)