Friday, February 6, 2009

7 Vignettes - week of 2/1-2/7/09

This week I have abandoned this blog for facebook. I have discovered that I like interaction with others which yahoo and facebook do a lot better than my little ole blog here. But I like this blog because it helps me journal what's going on in our home.

  1. Hannah had a great time visiting the University of Dallas and now she is in the throes of applying there.
  2. Rick, Hannah, Will and Josh are studying about Samuel Gompers in their Economics class which got us all interested in learning about him, John Brophy and the history of the labor movement. Very interesting stuff!
  3. Will got interviewed by the voice department person at Levine and we are waiting to see if we get a voice teacher for him. I talked with a couple of the folks there about how to get into college if one wants to major in music, as Will appears to.
  4. Will is giving his Led Zeppelin concert tonight and tomorrow. Hope it all goes well!
  5. Rick had been reading the first volume in the Prydain Chronicles, The Book of Three to Becky and Sean. They are enjoying it! I loved those books!
  6. Becky and Sean have been playing so well together this week. Big elaborate games of make believe.
  7. Josh is a Maple Story champ!

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Leonie said...

I like blogging and facebook - they serve different purposes for me and kind of complement each other... See you over on FB...