Friday, January 30, 2009

7 Vignettes of the week

  • Becky made a beauty parlor in the basement. She made tickets for everyone (inscribed with the letter H for hair) and gave each one of us one. You have to give her your ticket when you want to get your hair washed and styled. She actually did a pretty good job on my hair! This whole thing was so cute I couldn't stop laughing (unless I was squealing because she was pulling my hair). So far Sean is her only other customer.
  • Sean to Becky: "You take so long when you get in the shower. It's like it turns you into a slug and then you slowly crawl away. Or like a raisin and then you just stay there."
  • Sean is going through a lot of moody ups and downs lately. He went on a crying jag on Thursday where he couldn't understand why he was feeling so blue. I think he's getting a little bit chubbier (just a tad) and I wonder if he isn't going to start growing and changing soon. He's only just 10 but he's acting more like he's 12. Anyway, I held him and then I read to him from Henry Huggins (about the guppies) and he cheered right up.
  • Rick and Hannah went on a date together Sunday night. Rick said he never sees her anymore at home so he wanted to schedule some time together before she left for Dallas. I think they both felt a lot closer afterwards.
  • On Thursday, Hannah had her first flight all by herself to the University of Dallas. She was so excited and nervous about going. She comes back Sunday evening.
  • I asked Josh about how he wanted to do high school next year. Did he want to be more unschooly about it or what? This question was fueled by discussion on the Unschooling Catholics list. After joking around that he wanted to spend the next four years playing videogames, he said he just wanted to do things the way we were this year, that is following Kolbe. That's what I thought, but I just needed to verify it.
  • One of the nicest things this week was watching Will play Oh Darling by the Beatles on the guitar while he, Hannah and Angie sang the words. They were having so much fun.

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