Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seven vignettes

At the blog Et tu, Jennifer does 7 Quick Takes on Fridays which are very interesting to read. But in my head I've sort of morphed it into seven vignettes of life with children. I have these little incidents running around in my head. I've been really bad at recording learning we've been doing all week, so I thought I might try to remember 7 little happenings of my life with children.

  1. Becky made a house out of a big cardboard box (see, it's good not to do your cardboard recycling right away. It is good to wait months and months until it takes over your garage!). Her brother Will helped with the cutting part, but she decorated it, complete with a ceiling light made from a flashlight stuck through a hole in the top of the box. This a.m. while Rick was taking her to ice skating, she suddenly stopped and said, "Oh let me make sure I turned off the lights in my house before I leave!" Rick said, "Remember to turn off the oven too!"
  2. Why is it that when the kids are copying over their poems into their copy books, they hem and haw. They love the memorizing but hate the writing. But for Friday Freewrites they write steadily and with great concentration and then beg for more time when the timer goes off!
  3. I had just been thinking about giving up meat for Lent and looking through cookbooks to see what recipes I could find. Then I went to pick up Will from his guitar lessons. He got into the car and apropos of nothing said, "I think I'll give up meat for Lent." Mental telepathy?
  4. Will has been picking out Beethoven's Fifth on the piano this week.
  5. Hannah made me join Facebook this week. I fear it shall eat up my life!
  6. Yesterday Sean was playing a game with a new kid at our board games meeting. I saw him get up and walk to the end of the room looking like he was fighting tears. I called him over to ask him why. He said some new boy had been mean to him. He'd asked Sean how old he was and when Sean said 10, the boy said, "You act like you're 3, are you mentally handicapped?" I was appalled and said' Which boy?" But Sean refused to tell me. Instead he gathered up his courage and went back and played again with the boy. After a while he came back and again and said, "Can I just go look at books? (we were meeting at the library) That boy is mean and I don't feel like playing with anyone anymore." I was amazed that he was willing to play with the kid again. He gave him a second chance but that boy is out of a friend, I fear.
  7. Gosh, I can't think of any vignettes that involve Joshua! He did his math and audited the economics class and he reads and plays videogames. He went to the March for Life with his older siblings. His friend came over to play on Friday. I think I'll focus on Josh this coming week as I feel like I've had very little real interaction with him.

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