Sunday, January 25, 2009

Georgette Heyer

It is embarrassing how much I'm enjoying reading these Georgette Heyer novels. I can't eat chocolate though; gives me migraines. So maybe Heyer's books are my longings for chocolate transformed into good reads. Last night I went on a binge and started reading The Convenient Marriage at about 5 in the evening. Had various interruptions (had to make dinner and say prayers with the family!) then stayed up until 1:00 a.m. reading. Got up at 7 this a.m. and finished the book.

Things I like about her novels:

  • They are mostly set in the Georgian/Regency era (the Romances are) and so are very reminiscent of Austen's books.
  • They are laugh out loud funny.
  • Even though she reuses very similiar plotlines and characters in all her books, they are just different enough that they are still satisfying.
  • There is always some unexpected plot twist.
  • The characters are wonderfully developed.
  • The dialogue is wonderful. They really should make movies of these books! You can picture the scenes so easily.
  • They are clean!

Things I don't like about Heyer's Novels:

  • Unfortunately, the local library only has a couple of her books.
  • You have to go into the Romance section of the bookstore which has scores of cheap novels with embarrassingly erotic covers on them. Really, I blush to do it. Much better to order from Amazon.
  • I neglect my family and responsibilities once I start one.

Sourcebook Casablanca has been busy republishing her novels, both the historical ones and the Regency romances. And they seem to have started to republish her mysteries as well.

So far of the Romances I have read:

  • Cotillion
  • Regency Buck
  • Friday's Child
  • False Colours
  • The Reluctant Widow
  • Frederica
  • Faro's Daughter
  • The Convenient Marriage

Of her histories I have read:

  • Royal Escape
  • The Spanish Bride
  • An Infamous Army

I'm saving the other histories for the summer. Right now I'm deep into American History and don't feel in the mood for English history right now.

I'd love to start on her mysteries, since so many of her Regency romances have an element of mystery to them anyway.


Sara said...

I was looking for some good fiction for me -- thanks for the recommendation!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I spent about a year with a wonderful family in France during my college days. If I remember correctly, the mother loved Georgette Heyer novels. She said they helped her hang onto the English she learned as a young woman. :)