Monday, January 26, 2009

Journal 1/26/09

  • Becky said a rosary with me this a.m. We talked a bit about the Joyful mysteries.
  • Will gave Becky his ipod to keep her quiet while he worked on his Math/SAT prep. She walked around the house singing the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B very, very loudly
  • Josh woke up in a terrible mood but he finished all his math homework last night, so he could proudly show that to the math tutor.
  • Sean and Becky very reluctantly did a little copywork. Actually Sean happily tried to memorize his poem but really dragged at copying it over. His poem is:

If no one ever marries me,

And I don't see why they should,

For nurse says I'm not pretty,

And I'm seldom very good --

If no one ever marries me,

I shan't mind very much,

I shall buy a squirrel in a cage

And a little rabbit hutch;

I shall have a cottage near a wood,

And a pony all my own,

And a little lamb, quite clean and tame,

That I can take to town.

And when I'm getting really old --

At twenty-eight or nine - -

I shall buy a little orphan-girl

And bring her up as mine.

By Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Becky's poem is:

Father is pater and mother is mater

Sister is soror and brother is frater

All children should obey both his father and mother

And brothers and sisters should love one another.

(Now I can't seem to turn off the block quoting. Hmmm.)

  • Anyway, Becky actually did a reading page from the Little Angel Readers TM.
  • Both Sean and Becky played with pattern blocks
  • Then they set up a whole village out of blocks and little figures on the floor of the basement downstairs. They set up a store where they can buy seeds for their crops and have run a railroad from it to the town. They are also planning to live on fish and crabs as the town seems to be located near a lake. The lake also has a hot dog stand which they have high hopes of making lots of money. Nothing like unschooled economics and urban planning!
  • Sean created stick figure cartoons on some new program Rick downloaded for him, called Pivot. Becky is avidly watching.
  • Mom, Josh, Sean and Becky did a little Greek.
  • Read And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? aloud to Sean and Becky and they were actually interested in it!
  • Josh did his Kolbe vocabulary and started an essay on Tom Sawyer
  • Hannah and Will are reading Huck Finn
  • Will wrote a new song on the guitar and played it for us at lunch.
  • Hannah slept until 1:15 or something! Slug!
  • Sean got really into making animated cartoons using the Pivot program. He had a blast all afternoon with it. Didnt have the heart to make him study Latin.
  • Hannah did some grocery shopping for me. That was very nice!
  • Took Sean to piano which was later than usual than both he and Will had Music theory.
  • Hannah went to work at 5 and worked til closing
  • Josh and Becky stayed home and watched TV/played on computer
  • Came home and did most of Latin homework for tomorrow's class with Will and Josh

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