Saturday, January 17, 2009

Life is rich and my internet connection is quirky!

The days have been so full. Sometimes I'm wearing my LCC hat (Latin Centered Curriculum) which really energizes me. Other times we are unschooling which delights me! In between both, days are packed with all sorts of goings on.

I managed to record Monday and started to record Tuesday but never finished and now somehow it is Saturday morning. The internet connection keeps going out on my laptop and it is hard for me to get in here to the study computer.

The kids are excited about this coming weekend. It's going to be a 4 day weekend with Daddy! And he's promised them that he'll play with the new Chemistry set the boys got for Christmas AND he'll help them build catapults (from kits they got for Christmas). Monday is Martin Luther King Day (Becky wondered aloud why he was the only king that got a holiday. . . . so I guess I better teach her about him, so she knows he wasn't an actual king!) Then because of the inaugaration, Rick's office is officially closed and he's not venturing downtown at all. We'll watch it all from our warm family room, thank you very much! I was so depressed after Obama won but he seems like he's attempting to be president to us all. And frankly, I'm so happy to see Bush go (Don't let the screen door hit you on the way out!!!!) so I'm wishing Obama well and I do hope the weather warms up and all goes well. I do wish his transition team would stop cluttering up my e-mail. I have sent several e-mails asking him to not support FOCA and now they think I'm part of his fan club or something.

Highlights from the week:

  • Will joined the house band at School of Rock. This way he'll get to play more venues. He told me he had 3 types of goals: spiritual goals, musical goals and academics goals. That was his reason for not participating in the One Act Play competition that he and Hannah did last year. Our parish actually won the Diocesian competition last year, but Will says he doesn't have time this year.
  • Sean got another Diary of a Wimpy kid book and read it in about a day. This is amazing for kid who took so long to read and hated it so much up until a short time ago. Last night he was looking for a book and I handed him Gwynna. Josh had recently reread that book. Sean read the first two chapters last night and pronounced it very good! Sean has been doing lots of profound wondering about life this week. He really is a deep little guy.
  • Josh has been his usual quiet self. But he's funny as anything. He's been cracking me up week.
  • Becky has been lost in pretend play. Goodness just cleaning up after this one child would keep you busy all day long. She is so bursting with creativity and energy.
  • I hardly ever see Hannah. It hurts a bit but she is busy being 18 and between work and her social life she just doesn't have much time for us! She did take Becky skating on Friday. Oh that reminds me Becky has skating lessons today! She is so thrilled! Hannah starts at FUS (Franciscan U.) on 8/20. Something about having that definite date really jarred me. She's going away. Sniff, sniff, not that I see her much now anyway, but I wonder what changes it will bring around here.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

She took Becky skating? I thought you said that would never happen!

Leonie said...

I like your son's goals, really personal and individualized categories.