Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hospital Stay

My youngest sister has Downs Syndrome. She lives in a group home not far from us. Well, she apparently came down with a nasty bug last week. The caregivers at the home took her into the ER and it seems the antibiotic some doctor gave her caused her to vomit so much she became severely dehydrated. So she went back to the ER on Monday when they admitted her to the hospital. I share guardianship with two of my sisters. However, one sister was out of commission. She lives way out in the country and there has been so much rain and icy roads, in addition to the fact that she watches her three stepgrandchildren, that she couldn't help out. So the remaining guardian and I took turns staying at the hospital.

So I spent all day yesterday, last night and this morning at the hospital. Then since I slept hardly at all (and when I did sleep it was more like a very uncomfortable doze) I came home and napped all afternoon. Basically that means both Tuesday and today were lost days here at home. It has been raining cats and dogs and so dreary out! The kids just watched lots of movies. Will formally announced that he is sick of doing nothing!!!!

Anyway, I was very glad I could be flexible like that and help out with my poor, sick, defenseless sister. When the kids were younger, I would never have been able to, but they are all getting older (sniff, sniff!) and held down the fort without me (with Rick's help of course.)

So my sister went home to her group home this evening definitely on the mend.

However, I have to plan an American History/Lit class and a Blue Knights meeting for tomorrow. Plus I have Mount Washme to tackle.

On the bright side, I did finish The Man Who Was Thursday. It was a very surprising and exciting book that got more and more outlandish as it goes along. I found the very end unsatisfactory though; it was one of those endings where you don't know if the guy just dreamed it all or what. I'm too tired to analyze it now.

Must. do. laundry.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Aaack - I didn't realize you had been so busy - so glad I didn't spend our time on the phone complaining about being up the past 2 nights!

Sara said...

Sending a little prayer for you from the South (North Atlanta), in Christ, Sara
ps In a couple of weeks, we start back with our Friday TORCH coop group, and I am leading 2nd grade BKnights class...