Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Journal 1/28

Yesterday was a snow day, so the kids played in the snow, drank copious amounts of hot cocoa, watched a lot of tv, played on the computer and wii and generally relaxed and enjoyed themselves!

Today dawned very gray and cold. Everything was coated in ice. So no more fun snow for us!

  • Said a rosary with everybody (except Rick!) that hasn't happened in a long time. Each kid took a turn reading from our scriptural rosary book (I helped Becky) and leading a decade.
  • Sean and Becky resisted mightily doing the itty bitty bit of copy work I asked of them today. Put me in a royal snit!
  • Josh sequestered himself away all morning and finally finished reading Tom Sawyer which he announced rocks!
  • Will practiced songs for the house band.
  • I have no idea what Hannah was doing for most of the day. She did come down and make those pop and bake crescents (which I personally think are horrid). I did at one point take Huck Finn up to her and remind that she needs to read it now!
  • Sean, Becky and I played 'smaths which is like a math scrabble but my brain was so fuzzy I couldn't wrap my mind around it. After awhile we decided it was an incredibly boring game and gave up.
  • Sean has been creating so many funny little cartoons on his pivot program. He loves it! He spent the bulk of the day doing that.
  • Cancelled the VT appt. My driveway is still a sheet of ice and is my street. Too chicken to try to venture out.
  • Becky has watched: The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Yogi Bear and Pink Panther. She just announced she is going outside to play and I can hear her velcro-ing on her boots and singing to herself as she prepares for her outing.
  • Josh and I had a nice catch up session doing Confirmation prep. I read to him from the St. Joseph's Catechism. Man, does the SJBC make faith dull!!! And the art is horrible! And today we were giggling over the comparison of being confirmed making you into a soldier for Christ. One of the illustrations has a picture of different guns and over each gun was something the Holy Spirit would give you to make you strong. So there's a picture of a revolver and then it says 'encouragement'. This cracked us up. "Yeah, I'll encourage you allright. Bang!' Over the rifle it said "good example." Can you believe this???? Oh my, how pathetic! We also read from the Gospel of John and discussed the Holy Eucharist.
  • Rick and Hannah went and got carry out for dinner.
  • I read next chapter from the Wanderings of Odysseus about how he gets away from Calypso. Rick is really getting into the story! Read a bit more from a book about colonial life on a farm in Pennsylvania in 1766.
  • Rick, Sean, Josh and Becky watched The Last Mimzy.
  • Rick is still reading Twig to Sean and Becky
  • Said prayers with Grandad on the phone, cell phone that is, our phones seems to have gone out for some reason.
  • Hannah baked peanut butter cookies to take to her friend Katie tomorrow. Hannah is flying to Texas tomorrow for a long weekend visiting Katie and Phil at U. of Dallas.
  • Hannah and Rick are watching Lost and they've captured people who speak Latin. How sinister! I can't understand a thing they are saying. Is it classical or ecclesiastical pronunciation?
  • I'm going to bed and reading more Huck Finn.

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Karen E. said...

I mentioned The Jetsons to Ramona last night and she looked at me as I were speaking Latin. MY CHILD DOESN'T KNOW THE JETSONS??

And, we've never been able to get into 'Smath either.