Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Report 1/11/10

Monday 1/11

  • Read Bible History - David and the Psalms
  • Did WWE - S did a great job on his summary!
  • S finished practice problems in L. 22
  • B did 10 more addition problems with regrouping. Did a magic square
  • Watched L. 17 dvd lesson in Latin - reviewed new vocabulary
  • Both S and B were barely paying attention - painfully drawn out to get this little bit done!
  • S played lots of piano
  • B set up a school for her stuffed animals and dolls and was more interested in teaching them than being taught by me!
  • J took Test 8 in Saxon
  • I studied for Latin test
  • B and S decided to have a Veggie Tales dvd marathon
  • J took his first Logic lesson on line
  • B's violin lesson was canceled - teacher's kids are sick.
Tuesday 1/12/10

  • Studied for Latin test
  • Latin class - no Latin test! Instead quiz on verb forms. Only got a B! W and J completely unprepared. Didn't do well. Started studying for NLE
  • B and S did penmanship, math (S - fractions; B-addition with 3 columns), spelling
  • After lunch - J did Trisms worksheet 1 on Mayans
  • J and I watched Science lecture on Plate Tectonics
  • J and I read Book VII in Odyssey, answered study questions
  • W played his banjo a lot and took B to gymnastics
  • S animated on his dsi and then took a walk
  • H has been lounging about. She made dean's list!
Wednesday 1/13/10

  • had bad migraine all night. Didn't go away until afternoon!
  • everybody slept in!
  • Did oral narrations from WWE with B and S
  • Got everyone to an 11 o'clock appt (we were late) to have portrait of kids taken for very late Christmas gift for Rick
  • Ate lunch out
  • Took B and S to VT
  • Started reading Herodotus by Jeanne Bendick to B and S
  • W and J went to CLC
Thursday 1/14/10

  • B and S - Bible History - David and Absalom
  • B and S did WWE copywork - I am really loving WWE so far!
  • B practiced adding doubles and then figuring out how to add their 'neighbors' She does not like to focus on arithmetic!
  • S did more work on fractions and review of word problems. L 23 in Saxon
  • S reviewed -are present conjugations, sum conjugation and Imperfect conjugations. Also we reviewed declensions. Went over L. 17 vocab. B listened in.
  • S did his first music theory class from LPH. Will helped him. S discovered the chat room which delighted him!
  • S and B - we also got the next clue in our Greek Code Cracker, reviewing more Greek blends.
  • J - did worksheet on music history for Mayans and also the vocab quiz.
  • J and I read Book VIII of Odyssey and answered study guide questions
  • J is finally starting Writeshop. Did 1st lesson making sentences more vivid through concrete wording; using Thesaurus.
  • W took it easy. Attend his first Music Theory II class at CC in evening.
  • Rick went over J's Alg II test.
  • J and I went to meeting at church about fundraising and prep for the teen workcamp this summer. W couldn't attend because of his class.
Friday 1/15/10

  • W went to Music Composition, 4 hour class
  • J had Socratic Discussion - Newton's Laws of Motion!
  • B and S and other kids did a lesson on Southwestern Indian designs; made template of geometric shapes and practiced making designs.
  • J did some dictation and next lesson in Writeshop
  • J and I read Book IX in the Odyssey; did study guide questions.
  • Found an Algebra tutor for J! He starts next Tues. afternoon

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