Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekly Report 12/4/10-12/9/10

Monday 12/4/10 -

  • Oh my. Still recovering from big family Epiphany party. We spent last Thursday, Friday and Saturday decluttering, cleaning and preparing for it. Sunday we had the party and it was wonderful. Monday morning woke so exhausted I could barely see straight. Got very little academic stuff done. Finished Latin homework, got S and B to music lessons. Went to RE at church and listened to great talk on vocations. W went to 7:30 p.m. Mass and his little Bible study with his friend. J mostly cleaned his room and read the 3rd book in the Eragon series (besides doing his Latin homework). Felt like I was running in deep sand all day long.
Tuesday 12/5/10 -

  • Got the kids up at 9:15 a.m. That was early for us! Everyone has been staying up incredibly late. I am determined that we start sleeping/waking at more reasonable hours!
  • Latin class for J, W and me. Trying to get the brain in gear again!
  • B and S, during Latin class did their penmanship, spelling and math (only S never got to the math part, sigh).
  • After lunch, B and S practiced music. S and W went to B&N to spend S's gift card he got for Christmas. He got the next book in the graphic novel series, Bone (he got the first book for Christmas)
  • B went to gymnastics.
  • J did lesson 32 in Saxon and then worked on finishing up first questionnaire in his Trisms program on the Maya.
  • W is starting his Writeguide Eng. Comp. class.
  • J and I read Book III of the Odyssey
  • Read the next chapter of The Story of the Other Wise Man to B and S.
  • Rick is reading Book number ??? in the Percy Jackson series to B and S out loud.

  • Busy day! Finished Story of the Other Wise Man just in time for Epiphany
  • B and S did a little WWE
  • B went to an ice skating party where she had a blast (W took her for me)
  • S did a lot of Latin review and then we orally reviewed times tables.
  • J struggled with Alg lesson; Rick worked with him when he got home
  • J did his Trisms paper on Slash and Burn agriculture
  • J and I watched lecture on Earthquakes
  • J and I started Book IV of Odyssey but I fell asleep!!! He read further than I did but then it was dinner time.
  • J and W went to CLC
  • S finished second Bone book.

  • J worked on the map portion of the Mayan study.
  • J and I finished reading Book IV of Odyssey.
  • J read next 3 chapters in HAW; I plan to do that tonight
  • S and B both did WWE and watched Ch. 17 dvd lesson in LfC. S worked on division in Saxon, B on regrouping two columns of addtion problems.
  • Read next ch. in Archimedes and also next ch. in Cure of Ars
  • B's math lesson used the Pony Express as an example and she didn't know what that was! So I read her a book about Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express.
  • S is doing lots of animating and playing with puppets. B played pbskids games and played with puppets as well
  • W slept in and then ran to the store for milk and bread!
  • H is back from her visit to Philly and is busy getting airline tickets to go back to UD and also getting her passport in order to go to Rome hopefully next fall.
  • W has been doing his Writeguide course every day.
Friday 1/8/10

  • It snowed so Socractic Discussion group got cancelled. B went out and shoveled the driveway!!! W and H slept in until 1 p.m.! S played lots of piano and did lots of animating on his new dsi. J went outside for a while and then stayed up in his room reading????? what I'm not sure!
  • Finished reading Archimedes out loud to B and S.
  • Read next ch. in Cure of Ars. We are all really enjoying that book!
  • Learned about Greek consonant blends in Code Cracker (which we haven't worked on in at least 6 weeks!).
  • Watched Lion, Witch and Wardrobe
  • H took B ice skating.
  • J and I read Book V in Odyssey
  • W and S spent much of the day discussing either the finer points of animation or music.


sgilli3 said...

Hm- sounds like we have the same issues....getting up late. We have been on break for a few weeks now, and have another few to go! * must start going to be early*
* must stop watching TV until the wee hours*
* must get stop making children get their own breakfast because I'm too tired to get up*

Insert embarrassed icon here...lol

Our Westmoreland School said...

It's amazing how easy it is too lose the rythm. I've been so tired this week, but I'm hoping my sleep/wake periods will be back to normal before our next holidy.

Kristine said...

We're having the same problem here - school has been starting WAY too late again. I have to say though, it sounds like you guys had a very productive week!

Suburban Correspondent said...

What happened to the color on your blog?!

And you were the second person to wholeheartedly recommend "Brother, Where Art Thou?" - I definitely have to see it.

Faith said...


I'm going for the sleek, minimalist look for the new year!

I hope you like Brother, Where Art Thou? I just saw it for the first time a couple years ago and it immediately became one of my favorites.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Thanks for reminding me - I'm going to get that for this weekend to watch with Larry. A bunch of other readers recommended it, also. Is Daniel old enough to see it?

Minimalist I understand - but it is so monochromatic, it is depressing me. Can't you deepen the gray of the header a bit?


Faith said...

I think Brother Where Art Thou is clean enough for Daniel. There's only one scene that I can recall and that is so stylized/cryptic that I don't think there is anything unseemly. It is a great movie and makes for really interesting discussions plus it is hysterical and beautiful all at once.

For you, Rena, my dear, I will change my header! I can't say I'm all that fond of the gray either.