Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Journal 6/9/09

  • Got up and worked out at Curves.
  • Studied a bit for the Latin quiz and then Will, Josh and I went off to class
  • Botched the quiz! Had our final class with pizza party
  • Sean read 3 more chapters in his book on St John Fisher.
  • Hannah and her friend K. went to mass at 9 and her friend came over for breakfast
  • H got B and S to write Phil for their writing practice today
  • B played with Klutz books and crafty stuff while S did another animation on the computer
  • H watch the 1st lecture on the Iliad
  • Brought lunch home for B and S.
  • Forced them to do a little math. Neither was into it at all. Is practicing ones math facts for 3 minutes really that excruciating????
  • H went to work
  • J's friend came over and they've all been playing on the computer. Not sure what.
  • I started reading The Woman in White last night, read a lot while Will was at voice lessons.
  • Oh. . .W went to voice lessons
  • B just came into the room and started doing sit ups with her legs up on the couch. I asked her why and she said she was trying to get stronger so she could bend this little metal thing she found. LOL!
  • J and friend are playing runescape. W, J and B are now playing Supersmash bro.
  • I am going to finish cleaning the dining room rug.
  • Oops. I forgot S had swim lessons. We went hoping the approaching thunderstorm would blow over, but it didn't they were closing the pool just as we got there. Came home through the rain and forked lightning. I think I'll finish the rug after the storm passes.
  • Read some more Little House on the Prairie to Becky
  • Nice parenting moment or rather, nice moment being a parent. Went out to the garage to get something out of the freezer and Will was sitting in the garage with the rain pouring outside playing Where You There? on the harmonica.
  • B is watching Phineas and Ferb.
  • Never did finish the rug. Josh's friend got picked up by his dad. I realized how late it was and made scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and biscuits for dinner.
  • Read some more of Tales of Ancient Egypt to B and S. J and W are working on math homework. Also read some more Bible History.
  • B and S and I watched the first half of Yankee Doodle Dandy with Jimmy Cagney. We had tivo'd it a couple days ago. Love that movie. John Lithgow introduced. I really like John Lithgow!
  • H went to a swing dance party somewhere in McLean.
  • Read more Little House to B. Rick is almost done reading The Hobbit to S.

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Curves? You didn't tell me!