Friday, June 26, 2009

Routines and Pegs, Part II

Okay, I've been thinking about what the fall will be like. This is all still tentative but I'm thinking that Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will follow similiar routines, with Tuesdays and Fridays being different.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays:
  • Mom's morning routine of either Mass or Curves
  • Breakfast - I'm going to try to say a decade of the rosary through the day, so maybe two decades at breakfast, two at lunch and one at dinner. Also, religion read alouds at breakfast, Bible History(every day), Catholic Stories for Bigger Folks from CHC or those Caryll Householder Tales for boys and girls (M), F&L for 3rd and 5th grade(T, W), Little Apostle on Crutches or The King of the Golden City (Th, F) These readings can be shortened to accomodate reading aloud info on particular saint's days. These readings are all geared to Becky and Sean
  • After breakfast, teens go do independent work. Josh in 9th grade will probably do math, science and writing in the mornings, not sure what Will's schedule will be.
  • Also after breakfast will be Sean and Becky's 'table time' First thing we absolutely have to focus on is doing our Vision Therapy homework. I have been soooo bad at doing this at home and it is hurting the kids! I can't believe we pay so much for this therapy yet I seem to have developed a mental block about making time to do this at home. So it will be first up, right after faith formation. The rest of table time with be devoted to Latin and math/science. Latin is pretty standard, just working our way through Latin for Children. I'd like to finish Primer A this year! But for math and science I am going to be relaxed. I have the MCP for 3rd grade and I've got Saxon 7/6. I'm thinking Sean and I work together through 7/6 slowly and maybe take two years to do it. Also I love the science unit CHC has, The Universe in My Hands which can incorporate math.
  • After tabletime, B and S can run around and play. I'll check on the teens and move laundry, tidy up a bit.
  • Lunch + Read alouds in different areas: Ancient history, American history, Nature, Poetry
  • After lunch with Becky and Sean, we'll do copywork and any other language arts stuff that catches our fancy
  • After lunch with the teens, I'll check up on morning work and also on Mondays do Latin homework with them.
  • Quiet reading time
  • Afternoon free for playing, errands, music practice, music lessons, chores, etc.

Tuesdays are going to be different:

  • Latin class from 10:30 to 12 noon (we have to leave the house at 10:00)
  • Becky and Sean have to come with me because Hannah will be away at college (boo hoo) and no one is here to watch them. There are a bit too young to be left alone all morning. So I'm making Tuesday mornings:
  • Workbook mornings! I am going to assign a certain number of worksheets for B and S to do from the CHC curriculum. S can help B with the reading, if she stumbles. Also they can bring books to read, paper and pencils for drawing, playing cards, etc. If they do their worksheets and play quietly I'm going to reward them with a junkfood lunch. Probably Chick fil a. Then we can meet up with other homeschoolers who hang out at the Burger King with a big play area (Sean abhors BK food so we won't be eating there).
  • After lunch and play, Tuesday will be our library day. Josh and Will can do their Ancient Studies reading there.
  • Not sure what will happen next, but B and S will be attending the homeschool gymnastics class which I think is at 3:30. This is next to the bike path so a lot of the moms get some exercise walking. I hope to do that too. Not sure what J and W will be doing.. . ..


I want everyone to attend mass in the a.m., get some academic stuff done in the a.m. We have tennis lessons on Friday afternoons in the spring and fall and will probably have a homeschool art lessons group in the winter.

So that's the general idea. There are a lot of details that haven't been dealt with. Evenings are for reading, cooking, tidying, putting laundry away, dinner, cleaning the kitchen, reading bedtime stories, prayers.

Outside lessons: Sean's piano lessons, probably M at 2:45 again. Will's lessons????? I want him to take music theory at the CC. Don't know if he'll keep up with the same guitar lessons at SOR. Becky wants to take drum lessons (!!!!). There are some for kids her age late Friday afternoons so that may work. J and W had CLC on Wednesdays. I think I'm going to teach CCD, but I don't know when. Becky, Sean and maybe Josh will have choir practice at 10:00 on Sat. mornings and sing at the 8:15 am. mass on Sundays.

Am I missing anything? All this thinking and planning is making my head swim!

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