Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Learning Centers

I'm getting kind of excited about setting up learning centers around the house. This is my plan right now:

Religion Center - dining room on using credenza right next to the Bible stand. Top of the credenza will be used for seasonal nature and liturgical year displays. One or two of the cubbies in the credenza can store saints books, Faith and Life books, Religion project books, etc.

Math/Science Center - I am going to bring the black rolling cart that is currently down in the basement up to the living room. I'll put it on the right side of the french doors. It will kind of balance out the aquarium on the other side. I'll bring the winged chair further into the room so the math/science center will be behind it. On it I'll put math texts, math lit books, math manipulatives, science books, science kits, etc.

Writing Center - I'm going to empty out one of the big baskets under the family room coffee table and use it. This is good because we watch Latin on the dvd and the dvd player is right there. I'll put Latin books, copywork books, English books, penmanship books, pencils, etc. in the big basket.

Reading Center - I'm going to take a small bookcase from the basement that right now is just full of old curricula and bring it up to the top floor hall. I can stick it in the corner by the master bedroom. This is the wall I want to paint with chalkboard paint. I'll also put an Ancients Timeline on that wall as well. I'm going to put all the assigned reading books in that bookcase. Most of the kids read in their rooms anyway, so it makes sense that this would be upstairs by the bedrooms!

Fine Arts/Music/hobbies - This will be in the basement in the little kitchen/classroom area. Most of the music stuff is downstairs already, except the piano in the living room. But the old kitchen table that is down there is perfect for art projects. It is also perfect for science experiments, but we'll just take that stuff downstairs when we need to.

Oops! Now I'm late picking Sean and Josh up from computer camp!

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