Friday, August 7, 2009

7 Quick Takes 8/7/09

I really am illegitimate in doing this 7 Quick Takes thing. Today I alert Jen at ConversionDiary/Et tu! That will at least put me on the road to legitimacy! Then I have to figure out the doohickey thing!

1. Very cool thing: William downloaded an audio production of the Bible from itunes and has been listening to you this week as he reads along. He's read the Gospel of John and the Psalms!

2. Not so cool thing: This week has been very uncomfortable physically. I hurt my back somehow and it has been aching, not enough to stop me, but enough to slow me down (and I'm already pretty darn slow!). Also, I've been having hot flashes this week. I think maybe menopause is getting a little more intense? Both these things have effected my ability to get a good night's sleep!

3. Hannah counted up the days she'd actually be at home to say goodbye to her siblings (and they'd be home too!) and it came out to 4 days I think. This week she worked two days as sub sitter for a family (that was all day), now she's gone off to visit friends this weekend at Va Tech. August is moving at the speed of light! Our trip to Boston is coming fast as is her trip to San Diego and then she and I leave for Irving TX on 8/26. Gadzooks!

4. I did something slightly crazy this week and volunteered to be co-leader of our homeschool group. I have a meeting with the other co-leader and the soon-to-be-former leader on Monday morning to get all the details squared away!

5. Poor Becky woke up with some kind of flu yesterday. I was expecting her to be up in the night as well but she slept like a rock all night long. She slept a lot yesterday too.

6. We've been chipping away at the basement trying to get it cleaned up. We cleaned out the guest room closet (which had become a repository for junk!). I ran out and bought some of those plastic stacking drawers to put in there to serve as a dresser for Will. There are also several nice shelves in the closet he can use as well. ("Shelves in the closet! Happy thought, indeed!" Name that quote!!!!) He slept last night for the first time in his own room!

7. I have run out to the grocery store 3 times in as many days and yet each time I forget to buy kitty litter.


The Bookworm said...

At least Becky sleeping should mean she gets over the flu quicker. Poor thing!

I was thinking today how sad Cherub is going to be when her sisters get to the going away to college stage. I can imagine how your youngers feel about Hannah going :(.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Yes, it was crazy.

And I don't know the quote - tell me!