Saturday, August 29, 2009

Women of Faith and Family and Calendar Planning

I stumbled across this site today while planning out the month of September. I wanted to get back to really living out the liturgical year. I bought a big dry erase calendar that I've stuck on the side of the fridge. Each month I hope to note important days. Planning means looking over these dates and coming up with suitable activities to mark them. Really there is so much one could do and I know that we'll already be very busy, but I do hope that we can at the minimum acknowledge these days as they go by and perhaps sometimes do more than that!

Here's what I've got for September:

September 3 – St Gregory the Great – read about and do copy work perhaps? Need to find a good quote or two!

September 8 – Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday – Homeschool group picnic and cupcake rosary.

September 9 – St. Peter Claver – read or tell a story about him – find Colombia on globe.

September 17 – St. Robert Bellarmine - He defended Galileo so maybe star gaze? Learn something about our solar system?

September 18 – St. Joseph of Cupertino – learning about flying??? Make paper airplanes??? Also Rosh Hashanah!!! Make traditional meal to celebrate New Year.

September 20 – St. Andrew and St. Paul and Korean Martyrs – read about them and locate Korea on globe.

September 27 – St. Vincent de Paul – watch Monsieur Vincent; Also it's Yom Kippur!!! –read about it.

September 28 – St Wenceslaus – read about him – find Bohemia on map.

September 29 – Michaelmas – Feast of St. Michael and the Archangels. Make/buy angel food cake, cover with blackberries and whip cream! Make and light three white candles for the day.

September 30 - St. Jerome – annual reading of picture book by Margaret Hodges about St. Jerome.

Oct. 2nd – Sukkot – clean and decorate backyard fort, eat at least first meal of Sukkot out there.

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