Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sat. 8/15 - took train to Boston. Got off at Back Bay station and after a little trouble walked to our hotel. Made it to Mass at the St. Francis Chapel in the Prudential/Copley shopping mall complex. The mall is huge and very ritzy. Walked around some trying to orient myself to Boston. Was thoroughly confused. Sean and Josh slept in one bed; Becky and I in another. Poor Will had to sleep on the floor in his sleeping bag.

Sun. 8/16 - Let everybody watch a paid for movie (Monsters vs. Aliens) while I signed Will into his camp. Turns out Berklee is just about 3 blocks from us. We got him registered, found his dorm room and dropped off his stuff, went and got his photo i.d. then returned to another building for his audition. Saw Kenny G! He was checking in his son!!! Will was really psyched after the audition. I left him then and went back to the hotel. Kids were squabbling terribly. Very disheartening. Between the emotional trauma of saying good-bye to Will, the kids squabbling and the heat we wound up just wandering the huge shopping mall. We ate at CA Pizza Kitchen, hung out at the B&N for a long time then went back to hotel room. Took Becky and Sean swimmming at the hotel pool. Josh found a little alcove out by the elevators where he can read in peace. He got a book based on the game Halo and spent many hours reading it.

Mon. - 8/17 Had nice breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Took the Duck tour (had gotten tickets on Sun.) Drove around the Boston seeing the sights. Saw Will walking to class!!!! Boston is a lovely small city. Too bad it is so terribly muggy and hot. After tour came back to the room and hung out. Sean went swimming, Josh read (finished his book), Becky watched TV and played. In the evening went walking to the Public Gardens. Saw the Swan boats and Trinity Church. Wilted terribly from the heat. Came back to the mall and ate at the food court. Came back to room. I've been reading Johnny Tremain and Little Town on the Prairie out loud. Sean's still reading Trumpet of the Swan. Josh read the second book in that Percy Jackson series.

Tues. 8/18- Got breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. There are 95 Dunkin Donuts in Boston!!!! Only 33 Starbucks. Took taxi to Bostom Museum of Science which totally rocks! Huge museum, very interactive. Stayed until 4 p.m. Came back. Made reservations to take ferry to Salem, MA tomorrow for the day. Trying to make plans to take Johnny Tremain tour on Thursday. Becky wants to go out this evening and wade in the wading fountain in front of Trinity Church. Josh finished the second book and is now on the third. I predict another trip to the B&N before the week is over.

Wed. - 8/19 Hopefully we'll take the ferry to Salem and have a nice day there. Rick is flying in at 7:00!!!! Yahoo!

Thurs. - 8/20 Rick has to work during a chunk of the day. Hopefully we can go on the Johnny Tremain tour. Supposed to be cooler. Thursday night we are going to see the Blue Man group. It's a surprise for the kids.

Fri - 8/21 Going to see Will's show in the morning, then in the afternoon we can tour the Berklee campus and find out about applying there for college and financial/scholarships, etc.

Sat. - 38/22 -train to home!