Monday, August 31, 2009

Journal 8/31

  • Took Will to his CC Music theory class
  • Came home, fed Becky breakfast, out again and picked up Sean from sleepover.
  • Read Bible History to B and S. Reread the last story since we haven't read the book in 2 months. It was about Moses building the Tabernacle.
  • Picked up Will from MT class
  • Josh looked at the intro lecture from the Art Reed dvds on Saxon Alg II.
  • Had very short reading lesson with B. I told her we were going to start having a reading lesson every day for 10 minutes. I put on the timer. I used the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. I just had her read some random sentences out of the book. She has not been noticeably reading at all, all summer. But she did well except that those pesky letters kept tricking her. She read 'mup' for 'mud' and 'ben' for 'den' and 'ton' for 'not'. I told her this was just a warm up to get her in the groove again but we'd start in on using Little Angel Reader B as soon as she got warmed up. She starts VT on Wed.
  • Took Will to his piano interview. I was uncertain as the Levine school said they only did classical piano and he said he wanted jazz and blues. But the interview went really well and Will is psyched. The teacher he wound up with is a Mr. Pei who, Will said, sat down and played Stravinsky for him. Will was blown away! Mr. Pei said Will had a good ear and good intuition when it came to music but he had to work on the mechanics. Will agreed with this. The teacher also said that he would help Will a lot with sight reading. So Will is happy and can't wait to start in two weeks.
  • Had S read the first chapter in his Faith and Life book and then asked him about it. He is all draggy from his sleepover and was not into it at all.
  • Weather is beautiful. Made kids take the dog for a very long walk. I'm trying to cut back on screen time, we have gone overboard all summer on it and it is time for a change!
  • Will finished up his on line driver's ed course today. Hurrah! Tonight at 6 he starts his behind the wheel portion.
  • Gotta go make meatloaf now!

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