Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Journal 9/1/09

  • Read 1st Chapter of Carry On, Mr. Bowditch for American Studies
  • Josh did Review Lesson B in Algebra II
  • Sean read first assignment in These Are Our People reader
  • Becky read first page in her reader and we reviewed the adding -ed rule to words
  • Did mental math and Practice set problems in Lesson 1 of Saxon 6/5 with Sean
  • Did 2 pages of MCP 3rd with Becky.
  • Went to library - Josh got a mystery book out; announced he is through with graphic novels. Sean got the 1st Harry Potter book on cd. Becky got Charlotte's Web on cd. Will didn't get anything.
  • Watched next lecture in Superstar Student
  • Will worked on SAT Prep.


Suburban Correspondent said...

So you're going ahead with the SAT? Is Anna supposed to be taking it this year? I've lost track.

Faith said...

Yes, if she's a Jr. she should probably take it in the spring. I can't remember when you are supposed to take it for the Merit Scholarship stuff. I think maybe Sophomore year, but I could be wrong.