Thursday, September 17, 2009

Journal 9/16/09

  • Blech, woke up late @ 8:45 with migraine. Decided to pretend I didn't have one, but 45 minutes into that idea I started throwing up. Spent whole morning sick as a dog. Around 1 o'clock it started to abate.
  • During the morning Will watched B and S. He played word bingo with B and S wrote a new e-mail to his friend, so I guess they got some language arts in there. They also played on the computer, watched TV and played a lot of make believe games down in the basement. Rainy, dull morning.
  • W did do a lot of reading for Ancient Studies and J did some as well, though he did take advantage of my illness and spent some time on the computer.
  • In the pm did a little bit of cursive and a tiny bit of Greek with B and S. Becky read the next 6 sentences out of her reader and she did really well, I think VT is already kicking in for her. She didn't have to sound out every word painfully and she didn't keep moving her head or losing her place as she read. She did complain that it was making her eyes hurt. I've notice she is also trying to read things around the house by herself. That is a new thing!
  • S did a bit of spelling.
  • Met with Josh and Will. We discussed the Theogony chapter from HCM and also the next 4 chapters of SWB's HAW. That was pretty productive.
  • W went to guitar practice and then band practice for his Beatles show tomorrow night.
  • Still want to do math with B and S; check with J to see if he did any Alg. and also read Nathaniel Bowditch to S and B.
  • Read B another chapter of Farmer Boy about maple syrup. This led to a nice discussion about different kinds of sugar. She remember very clearly all the details in Strawberry Girl about sugar cane. She loved that book!
  • S is listening to the second Harry Potter book on audio.
  • Update: never did get to math but I did read Bowditch

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