Friday, September 4, 2009

Journal 9/4/09

  • Made it to 9:15 a.m. Mass
  • Read next chapter in Life in a Bucket of Soil about Earthworms and actually had it together enough to make a wormery. B was really into it, of course, S was not, partly because he's been staying up so late listening to Harry Potter on audio. They found two earthworm and put them into our plastic 2 liter bottle filled with dirt and sand. On Monday we'll peek and see if we can see tunnels.
  • Becky finished yesterday's reading lesson and we also tackled the -ing rule. This got us onto an interesting discussion about verb tenses and when we use -ing on verbs. B was really thinking. We talked about how 'he runs' is present tense and 'he is running' is also present tense. Past tense can be: he ran or he was running, future tense can be: he will run or he will be running. I think she really understood tenses after our conversation.
  • Sean listened to the LfC cd to review Latin vocabulary some more.
  • B did MCP lesson on subtraction through sums of ten.
  • S did timed addition sheet and he really improved. I told him not to care how neatly he made his numbers, he was getting hung up on that, but to just write as fast as he could add. He did much better. We also did the place value review which was cinchy-cinchy for him.
  • We worked in our Greek Code Cracker workbooks, a bit impatiently because S's friend had come to play and had to wait for us to finish up.
  • J was supposed to be doing Algebra but I think he just wasn't in the mood. Sigh.
  • Met with W and J to talk about Ancient Studies. I was trying to get them to realize they need to get organized and plan out their days better, etc, etc. I went over the books we are going to read. I think they found it daunting. Another sigh . . .
  • W and J were so draggy that I decided to postpone our Latin review until sometime over the weekend. I just do don't Friday afternoons well!
  • Gotta take W to band practice soon!


Suburban Correspondent said...

Now I'm worried, because I've never discussed "-ing" with anyone. I'm tempted to call up Theo at college and make sure he knows about it.

Karen E. said...

On the -ing thing:

I have read your planning posts. I am planning to read more planning posts.

I was reading, I will read, I have read, I will be reading more.

Keep 'em coming.


Faith said...

Well, Mrs. Petri, I am sure Theo has huge holes in his education and it is all your fault!!!

Actually, B was kind of in awe about the whole thing. She thought it was pretty cool. Maybe she'll become a super grammarian or linguist or something.

Faith said...

Karen! LOL!