Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Journal 9/8/09 Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

  • Went to first Latin class. Brought B and S. They were so good!
  • B did subtraction in her workbook. p. in her reading workbook, page of cursive practice, then she drew and colored.
  • S did two pages of grammar book. page of cursive, 100 additions facts worksheet, read in his reader. He is rusty on reading cursive so he didn't get much spelling done in his speller. We'll work on that 9/9.
  • Lots of Latin homework to do and it is painful remembering all the Latin we learned last year. Homework looks like it will takes hours and hours!
  • B got a hieroglyphics decoder from Chick-fil-a. I love the toys they put in their kids meals! She was playing with it off and on all day. Looks very much like the Koine Greek decoder that comes with our Code Cracker workbooks. I'll try to remember to use it tomorrow when we are reading Ancient Egyptian Tales and possibly working in our history notebooks.
  • Went to Blessed Virgin Mary's birthday party picnic. Had a good time! Sold some t-shirts!
  • Got Josh registered for his Earth Science class on K12 and he did the first very short intro lesson, I also made up his science notebook for him. The program looks so interesting, thorough and fun.
  • We are restarting Alg II. Last week was a dry run! So he is working out ALL Review A Problem set so I can check this evening. (I did check. he got 3 wrong. I gave the book to Rick when he came home. I have no idea WHY the three were wrong.)
  • W practiced music all afternoon
  • W did some SAT prep
  • W read some Epic of Gilgamesh; he's further along than I am. Has J started to read any of his Ancient Studies stuff????
  • I read some Gilgamesh the Hero
  • S finished listening to the first Harry Potter. Wants to go the library and get second book on audio, but he's got to start listening to it earlier in the evening. He stays up way too late and then he is Mr. Grouchy all day due to lack of sleep.
  • Almost finished reading These Happy Golden Years to B.
  • Rick started reading Holes to S and B for his bedtime read aloud.

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