Thursday, September 24, 2009

Journal 9/24/09

  • Read next chapter in Tales of Ancient Egypt
  • B and S did some cursive practice
  • S did a tiny bit of spelling
  • S practiced piano
  • S recited all of Trees poem
  • B learned By the Seaside by RLS
  • Becky read compound words and two syllable words from her reader. We discussed schwa vowels and how put emphasis on one syllable in multi-syllable words.
  • Becky did part of Ch.2 2-1 in MCP
  • S redid a little of L. 8 in Saxon and then finished up the mixed practice problems (odd numbered)
  • Watched ch. 14 in LfC - learning 2nd conjugation
  • J did Saxon Alg. II L. 5
  • W slept in! Have no idea what he did besides that all a.m.
  • B and S worked in Greek workbook
  • J read HAW and Book of Job
  • B to Little Flowers S to play with Jack - LF looks greats, lots of new girls
  • Rick is home!
  • J and I watched lecture 2 of Earth Science - geological time - wow! Earth is 4.567 billion years old!!!!! How'd they figure that out? Well the prof told me but I still don't understand what radioactivity has to do with it!!!!!!
  • Rick is reading Rebecca of American Girls series to Becky and The Lightning Thief to S and B(I thought he'd finished it but I was wrong).
  • W passed his driving test so he now is an official driver except that Rick isn't letting him drive until he tests him himself on Saturday. Poor W, so instead of driving, W is making cds he can play in his 'new' car.
  • Read B next chapter of Farmer Boy; she's listening to Little House in the Big Woods on audio as well.
  • S is listening to Wrinkle in Time on audio.

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