Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Journal 9/22/09

  • Got up and studied Latin a bit
  • We ate breakfast at Starbucks. Haven't gone grocery shopping in a long time. Need to go!
  • Latin class - me, J and W
  • B and S did seatwork. B did cursive, math drill, reading workbook on compound words; drew lots of pictures
  • S did cursive, 2 pp of grammar, subtraction drill sheet, read in his reader
  • after Latin - J finished up L. 4 in Alg 2
  • S and B did VT homework; S did a little bit of spelling
  • W did drivers ed with student drivers
  • S and B went to gymnastics
  • I read some more of Book of Job
  • Read chapter of Farmer Boy to B

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