Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Journal 9/30/09

  • Read B a chapter of Farmer Boy
  • B made a card for Rick because we've been talking about his upcoming birthday. This was just an I love you card (she makes a lot of these): To Daddy (on the cover) Dad, I love you P.S. Love is great, Becky
  • J went for a walk in the a.m.
  • J read a couple of chapters in HAW
  • W drove himself to NVCC. Yippee!
  • B spent a lot of time playing with, um, I mean practicing her violin
  • S practiced piano and made up tunes
  • B did cursive practice, mental math and read 6 sentences out of her reader
  • B did VT homework
  • H called from TX. She got a B+ on her first paper!
  • S did cursive practice and spelling, worked on his little outline exercise in his reader
  • S did a tiny bit of Latin (reviewed vocab and wrote out 2nd conjugation
  • S did mixed practice in lesson 10 of Saxon
  • J took B and Tillie for a walk
  • J worked on Algebra
  • W came home from NVCC. He made it there and back successfully!
  • Looked over Learn to Write the Novel Way with J and W; they are going to try and do the 18 week plan
  • Read most of Book 1 of Iliad and answered study questions. We didn't quite finish before I had to make dinner.
  • W and J to CLC
  • B got so busy making gifts for Rick that she didn't eat dinner. She made a little vase out of construction paper and tape and the cut up a wooden dowel and made paper flowers out of tissues. She made a "card" out of two small paper plates and some cardboard. She drew Rick'face on one paper plate and her how on the other and the cardboard is an arm. Rick has a tie made out of yarn. Then she made necklaces out of yarn, cardboard and aluminum foil as well as a doctors kit (the thing that goes around the head and then a stethescope.) She was so busy and so happy and there are tons of bits of paper all over the floor as a result!
  • Read another chapter of Farmer Boy; we only have 2 chapters left.
  • REad another chapter of Carry on Mr Bowditch to B and S
  • Read the story of St. Jerome and the Lion to both
  • Rick finished The Lightning Thief yesterday and he got home late so he didn't start a new book. He did start the next Rebecca book for B.
  • S listened some more to Charlotte's Web on audio.
  • W and J successfully made it home with Will driving! Will got his classical guitar back. Turns out he can't con't to take lessons with Jack the teacher from SOR so we have to find him a new teacher He's getting so into classical stuff now, he wants to be classically trained.

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