Monday, September 14, 2009

Journal 9/14/09

  • Until Will gets his driver's license (which hopefully will happen at the end of this month) I have to drive him to his Music Theory class on Mondays and Wednesdays. We have to leave the house about 9:30 to get him there by 10 and then I don't get back home until 10:30. This is so awkward, I can't stand it! Because it starts the week off badly. The younger kids get up and laze around in their pjs and play computer and watch tv and then they really don't want to do Mom-directed stuff by the time I get home. Plus just after I got home Hannah called and wanted to talk so I wound up talking with her until after 11:00. Then the cleaners came! I love having cleaners that come bi-monthly, but it is disruptive. We had to quick tidy up for them and deal with vacuum cleaners roaring and such. So the morning was frustrating.
  • So we only got a little bit of cursive, a tiny bit of math and a tiny bit of Greek done before I had to go back out to pick up Will from CC.
  • S definitely got some spelling in because he and his friend Joe have been exchanging e-mails. He'll probably learn spelling faster that way than doing work in his spelling workbook.
  • I also read Bible History. It was Providential because the chapter had to do with Moses instituting the holy days of Passover, Pentecost, Sukkot and Yom Kippur and I had decided yesterday to read a book called My Jewish Friend, A Young Catholic Learns about Judaism. Of course this book goes into detail about Jewish holidays so it was wonderful kismet! We read the first few pages of that out loud. Then S read the 2nd chapter in F&L.
  • Josh did part of L. 2 in his Saxon math but he didn't finish it up.
  • Josh read the first part of his Logic book The Argument Builder. I'm making him write out all his answers to give him writing practice.
  • W did a bit of SAT Prep.
  • We've been listening to a Rimsky-Korsakov (sp?) recording in the car everywhere we go. It is his 'greatest hits'. Sean kept playing The Flight of the Bumblebee over and over.
  • S went to his first piano lesson of the new school year.
  • W, J and I have hours of Latin homework still to do. We did some on Sunday afternoon, but we still have much more to do between now and tomorrow morning.
  • Update: We got some Latin done before dinner and then most of the rest of it after dinner. Still have a tiny bit to do Tuesday a.m.
  • J did more math and more logic
  • W practiced lots of music and mowed the front lawn.
  • Rick is reading The Lightning Thief out loud to S and B and suddenly everybody is talking about Charon and Dionysus.

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