Tuesday, September 15, 2009

  • Did vocab cards for Latin before class
  • Latin class 10 to 12
  • S did additions fact sheet, page of speller, cursive practice, studied poem Trees, then played outside with another 5th grade boy who also tags along after his older brother. They seem to be making friends.
  • B did a few addition problems, a page in her reading workbook, cursive practice, then she colored a lot and played with playdoh.
  • J was really alert and on the ball in class, W seems to have slept through it.
  • W practiced music
  • J worked on Less. 2 problems in Saxon but got several wrong, sigh
  • W went driving with drivers ed.
  • J finished first Logic/Writing assignment
  • Did Latin grammar review with S.
  • Went to first gymnastics class for S and B - Sean did not like it. He is out of shape and was remember how well he did over a year ago. He stayed up way too late last night and was cranky from that plus he's got a bit of a cold. He hated it and cried all the way. I do wish he was not so darn high strung. I signed him up for 3 months. Get ready for the emotional roller coaster!

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