Monday, September 28, 2009

Journal 9/28/09

  • Happy St. Wenceslaus Feast Day
  • Read Bible History to B and S about how the rod of Aaron blossomed - got into a good discussion about the tribe of Levy and then other things in the OT
  • Took W to CC and then B to Foxes to rent her violin
  • J did next lesson in Alg.
  • S read his F&L chapter, studied his poem and watched Ch. 14 dvd in Latin again
  • Home again: read B her chapter of F&L
  • S practiced piano
  • J did Latin homework on computer
  • S practiced cursive and did next lesson in Saxon
  • B practiced cursive and did a bit of math (place value up to 100)
  • Took B to her violin lesson which went well; planned my RE class while there
    P/u W from CC; he practiced piano there
  • Read B chapter from Farmer Boy - Threshing
  • Latin homework with W and J
  • W did Latin homework on computer
  • Taught RE class - we went to 7:30 Mass - didn't cover nearly all I wanted to!

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