Thursday, September 10, 2009


  • Took Will to Music Theory at the CC
  • Got started with anything formal quite late in the a.m.
  • crisis with J's Earth Science - looked too easy. I called, turns out K12 sent me the middle grades Earth Science NOT high school. As soon as they reimburse me, I'll sign him up for the high school one. Sigh. The program looks good, dealing with their beaurocracy does not.
  • Checked the workbook-y stuff B and S did yesterday during Latin class.
  • B, all on her own, did a page of her reading workbooks. She did it and then came and showed me! I hadn't even asked her! She likes 'playing' school.
  • I worked with Sean on his spelling. He doesn't like the fact he has to read in cursive.
  • Did a math lesson with S in Saxon. L. 4
  • Read from Green's Ancient Tales of Egypt about Hatshepsut.
  • J did lots of Ancient Studies reading. He read the 4 chapters in History of the Ancient World. Then he read the intro of The Heroes of the Cities of Men. He was reading Gilgamesh the Hero King. I don't know if he finished it. He still needs to read the intro to Romans and Galatians.
  • J worked a bit on Review B of Alg II, but he didn't get it finished.
  • W finished the Epic of Gilgamesh. He found it laugh out loud funny in parts. He and I had the same thought, it really makes you appreciate the profundity and spirituality of the Bible!
  • W was attempting to read HAW. Don't know how far he got.
  • Went to VT
  • Went to the library. Got books out on the Pioneers and the west (for myself) inspired by the Little House books. B got a American Girl Samantha book. S got Coraline which he started to read but then got J to agree to read aloud to him. That kid has just decided he doesn't read novels. It is a bit discouraging. The older kids at this age were absolutely taking off with reading and had a rich independent reading life. Not so S. He's got a mental block.
  • Read 3 chapters of These Happy Golden Years to B. R read Holes to B and S.

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