Thursday, September 3, 2009

Journal 9/3/09

  • Read 2 chapters of Carry On, Mr. Bowditch - had good discussions about what a shilling is and the different old fashioned names for coins, what a privateer is and what 'expectations' are. Learned that April 19, 1775 was when the Battle of Lexington occurred.
  • Did VT exercises: Kraskin Circles, the weird tracking exercises with a pencil (forget official name), angel touches.
  • Did MCP math with B, adding more numbers with numberline. Did mental math exercises.
  • Did just a little Saxon with S: mental math, timed addition facts sheet, mostly spent time cutting up lots of little photocopied ones, tens and 100's dollar bills. We'll do the place value review tomorrow.
  • Josh did Lesson 1 (finally finished with review) in Saxon Alg II
  • Will did SAT prep and practiced guitar
  • Sean read in his reader but I forgot to ask him about it!
  • B read 7 sentences from her reader. Did very well.
  • Quizzed each other on Latin vocabulary to start review for that.
  • Worked more in our Greek Alphabet Code Cracker workbook
  • Began Scripture study.

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