Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Journal 9/16

  • Read story of Thutmose and the Sphinx to B and S
  • S worked in Language of grammar book
  • B did some cursive
  • Did mental math with B
  • S did some math from L. 6
  • Read F&L ch. 2 to B.
  • J worked on Alg. Rick helped
  • W went to Music Theory class
  • S practiced piano
  • B set up a restaurant in her room; she cut up cheese and had crackers and a bowl of blueberries. She was looking for the Mozart cds but they mysteriously gone missing.
  • B and S are building a 'town' downstairs in basement.
  • Dropped off something for girls' club on the way to pick up Will, took forever!
  • Got home just in time to take S and B to VT; we were late.
  • Sent care package to H
  • Collapsed from about 4:30 to 6, ordered pizza for dinner
  • Met with W and J to see how much stuff they'd gotten done. J did more Alg. W did some reading for tomorrow
  • Took W and J to CLC
  • Did 10 minutes of Latin with S. Still reviewing grammar, chanted 1st and 2nd delensions went over N, G, D, A, A and what a predicate nominative was
  • Read another chapter of Farmer Boy to B
  • Rick is reading The Lightning Thief. Everybody, including W and J are getting into Greek Mythology because of this. Ties in with reading Heroes of the City of Man Theogony chapter.


Suburban Correspondent said...

Looks like I'll have to break down and buy The Lightning Thief - it's never available at our library.

I keep mailing cookies to Theo in a pitiful attempt to get him to communicate with me.

Karen E. said...

My older girls love the Percy Jackson books, and they learned a lot about Greek mythology from them, too.