Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, 9/18/09

  • Got to 9:15 a.m. mass at St. Mark. This is the sweetest Mass! The schoolchildren do the readings and prayers of the faithful and the children's choir sings the music. Monsignor Tom directs his homily right to the children in his down-homey, gentle style. It is lovely.
  • Picked up breakfast at Dunkin Donuts on the way home.
  • B worked a page in her reading workbook; Sean did some spelling in his speller
  • S practiced piano quite a bit
  • Did a lesson in math with both S and B.
  • J did some Algebra and read some
  • Don't know what Will did????
  • Made everybody chant 1st and 2nd (M and N) declensions all the way to tennis lessons! LOL! So we got Latin in!
  • Weather was great for first tennis lessons. Teen class is at 1; B and S's class @ 2. Had fun visiting with moms.
  • Will had his Beatles concert in the evening.
  • Came home and I read to Farmer Boy to B while she took a bath.
  • Rick read more to S and B.
  • Talked to Hannah a long time! She read me her first paper over the phone on Book 9 of The Iliad. She is really trying hard. I thought her paper sounded pretty good!

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