Sunday, September 27, 2009

Journal Saturday 9/26/09

  • Got J and W up really early to go to 8 o'clock mass since we missed on Friday and . . . there was no 8 o'clock mass. So we said 3 decades of the rosary on the way to the bagel store.
  • Read B next chapter of Farmer Boy.
  • J, S and B and I went on the St. Vincent de Paul Friends of the Poor Walk and walked 5k (actually one lady there said it was more than that.) It was at Frying Pan Park and they were having a horse show so we saw many beautiful horses. We also walked through the farm and saw lots of animals which was fun. They were advertising agility/obedience training and that is what I think we need to do with Tillie, as we are neglecting her! Next year that is my goal. I also want to talk up this walk a lot and go next year.
  • W and Rick didn't go with us. Rick had Will drive to his piano lessons and then told him he was now allowed to drive on his own. So Will spent the day driving around and then calling us when he got lost. Which was a lot! Because apparently Will has never paid the slightest attention to where we were when driving in the car. He wasn't even sure where our house was!!!!! Rick said he'll learn but it has to be the hard way by getting lost a lot.
  • Came home with two friends, one of B's and one of S's and they had really nice playdates. S and his friend took Tillie for a long walk even though it was raining by then (the rain very politely held off until after the morning walk). B and her friend drew lots of pictures and played with. Then they all made up skits that they showed me and the friends' father when he came to pick them up. Hysterical!
  • Rick installed the Lingua Latina text and exercitzia for me on my laptop and I actually had fun doing my homework for Latin. W and J have to do this today.
  • Have decided Thumbelina needs to be an outdoor cat since she has taken to having accident in the living room and even on the carpeted steps. I can't take it anymore. She's already destoyed the dining room carpet. So either we give her away (and who will take a cat like that? She's crazy!) or she has to be an outdoor cat. She can't understand it and is frantic to get inside. I ran to the petco and bought her one of those cat condos and this special mat that reflects her own body heat and keeps her warm, plus her own set of water and food dishes. B and her friend set it up on the porch. She should be cozy out there!
  • J watched anime videos on youtube all afternoon and evening.
  • R got carry out from Santini's for dinner.
  • R read more Lightning Thief to B and S and then read American Girl Rebecca to B.
  • S decided he was going to read another Louis Sachar book. He couldn't get into A Wrinkle in Time. R said it was too old for him. I have a distinct memory of reading it in 5th grade but R says its really for 6th grade and up.
  • Looked up Blessed Imelda - she's an incorruptable, which always totally blows me away!!!! B wants to be Imelda for the All Saints Day party.
  • I started reading the Iliad yesterday and was actually enjoying it but I want the study guide so that I can do the same exercises as W and J while they read it.


Suburban Correspondent said...

No way! W was giving me directions on different ways to get him home the other week.

Us! said...

Hi Faith,
Just wondering which study guide you are using for the Illiad- we are reading ancient readings this year and I wanted to have a good Study Guide.