Sunday, September 27, 2009

Journal 9/27/09

  • Got up and did some planning
  • Went to breakfast and the 11:45 Mass
  • Came home and the Touchstone Discussion books had been left on my door by the homeschool mom organizing it!
  • While Rick watched football, made 4 kids help me clean for an hour.
  • Read just the beginning couple of pages of the Iliad with W and J
  • Rick took W for a dry run to the CC so W won't get lost tomorrow driving himself
  • Read a chapter of Farmer Boy to B and then we played Go Fish; we tied!
  • J is watching anime on youtube
  • S took Tillie for a walk
  • Tonight is Yom Kippur so I'm going to run out and get something special for Rick to eat before he fasts. Sundown at 6:57
  • Getting lots of laundry done
  • Rick worked with J on his Algebra test.
  • Rick read Rebecca to B
  • B was being very sweet and making me pop-up cards that said I love you Mom. Then she wrote out on a piece of cardboard how much she loved in a mathematical formula that involved lots of infinity signs and plus signs (which she kept saying meant 'times' It was very cute. Then she sang a little song that had me cracking up, it was rather in a Reggae style.
  • Rick read more Lightning Thief - it's amazing how conversant everyone's become on the topic of Greek gods. Did you know Saturn is the Roman god of time and agriculture which is a conflation of Chronus and Dimeter (sp?) in the Greek gods? Chronus was father to Zeus and Saturn father to Jupiter. I now know these factoids! So does my 8 yo!

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