Monday, September 21, 2009

Journal 9/21/09

  • Took Will to Music Theory
  • Did VT with B and S!!! B did circles, angel touches, and K. figure 8's. S used the flippers while read F&L
  • B and S practiced cursive
  • S finished spelling exercises from last week.
  • B took the cumulative unit test in MCP
  • S did L. 8 in Saxon
  • S supposedly studied his poem Trees
  • Didn't get to Latin with S
  • S practiced piano
  • J worked on Algebra did L. 4 except didn't do problem set
  • Read F&L chapter to B. S read his F&L to himself
  • Took B to meet her new violin teacher. Really pretty lady, seeems very sweet.
  • P/u Will from NVCC
  • Took S to piano lesson; studied Latin for 45 minutes in car
  • Came home and got J and W to study Latin while I did
  • Did final planning for RE class
  • Taught RE class - very sweet group of girls; supposed to be 9 but only 8 were present.
  • Read a chapter of Farmer Boy to both S and B.
  • Can't believe I got through this hectic, crazy day!

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