Friday, September 11, 2009

Journal 9/11/09

  • Read two sections in Life in a Bucket of Soil. Read about roundworms, yuck! And snails and slugs.
  • B and S practiced some cursive
  • B did a little bit of work practicing subtraction. I completely forgot to do math with S!!!!
  • S practiced memorizing Trees by Kilmer and finished up week 1 in his CHC speller.
  • B reading a bit to me from her reader.
  • We watched Chapter 11 section of LfC dvd
  • We listened to audio cd of review of all 11 chapters in LfC in the car on the way to Mass
  • Went to noon Mass!
  • Ate lunch at Panera near church
  • B and S watched TV, played, ran around outside, played with neighbor
  • J, W and I reviewed first reading assignment in scripture study
  • J, W and I tackled part of the Latin homework; got a good chunk done!
  • W went to band practice

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