Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Good schoolish day!

  • Took Will to Nova class
  • Looked over history notebooks with S and B, reviewed names of Egyptian gods, read tale about Zoser and Khnemu and building a temple so the Inundation would come back. Had B and S narrate back.
  • S read a poem and then a story about Father Flannigan and Boys Town in his reader. Did comprehension exercise orally. He needs to read more closely; he missed a lot.
  • B's reading: I dictated words to her from her reading workbook. She wrote them on a dry erase board and then had to put them in past tense.
  • S did Saxon 6/5 Lesson 2. Took timed facts practice.
  • B worked on addition facts on Math Shark then using a number line solved addition problems up to sum of 18.
  • Vision Therapy
  • Worked on Greek Code Cracker workbook. B and S think that is so much fun! Quote of the day is from Sean: "Whoa! I can feel my brain learning!"
  • Josh did more review in his Alg II book.
  • Josh worked on his Code Cracker workbook. He's way ahead of B, S and me.
Everybody had really good attitudes today! What a blessing.

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