Thursday, September 10, 2009

Journal 9/10/09

  • Read 2 chapters of Carry On, Mr Bowditch
  • S did 10 minutes on his additions facts sheet, got all 100 right. D L. 5 in Saxon.
  • B did mental math and some subtraction through 18 problems
  • B voluntarily did her next page in her cursive book.
  • B worked happily in her Anti-coloring book
  • S read and memorized first two verses of Trees by Kilmer.
  • J did Alg II Review B lesson.
  • J read Intro in Romans & Galatians Study guide.
  • W read HAW
  • W practiced music.
  • S did cursive practice and two assignments in his speller.
  • Discussed Epic of Gilgamesh and HAM Ch. 1-4 with W and J
  • W had not read his Scripture study so we'll do that tomorrow.
  • W has driver's ed today @ 2.
  • worked some more in Greek Code Cracker wkbk with B and S.
  • W went to guitar lesson and then to VT
  • Went shoe shopping for kids, then we ate out, then hung out at bookstore
  • Read B another chapter in These Happy Golden Years, 1 more chapter to go.
  • R read some more Holes to B and S.

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